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Step 1 - CONFIDENTIAL: A "fingerprint" is created for the document and / or data series that want to be registered in the blockchain, using any cryptographic hash algorithm.

Step 2 - SECURITY: Using a cryptographic certificate of type x.509 to identify the organization, the fingerprint calculated in step 1 is sent to its respective node, using the APIs REST of our platform.

Step 3 – FACILITY: If the transaction is correct, the transaction identifier (txId) is returned next to the registration date (timestamp), in order to it can be associated with the data that has been tampered with and facilitate the authenticity test.

Step 4 - LEGAL: Every 30 minutes a certificate signed by a time stamping authority is created automatically with the list of evidences registered in the chain of blocks, which shows that those transactions and / or documents were made on a certain date.

"All certificates of authenticity can be downloaded via ftp, consulted through our website or using our mobile application"

Uses cases

It allows registering and verifying the existence of a transaction or digital document at a determined moment.

Forensic evidence

It allows to easily record the accurate date of forensic evidence in a process of control, inspection (audit) or investigation, the fingerprint (HASH) of photographs, videos or any other type of digital document is recorded in the blockchain.

Intellectual property

It allows creating a reasonable proof of the first disclosure (publication) of a work (creation) that allows you to prove or verify before a legal dispute the right of intellectual property, paternity and /or moral rights.

We have a platform specially designed for intellectual property registration called

Digital viewer

Our platform serves as a trusted third party or witness between 2 or more pairs that exchange information, keeping an accurate proof of the information that was sent / received through a web service or displayed on a website, resolving any conflict between the parties involved.

Event logs allows you to register with certainty the start date and/or the end date of a certain event, for example: Request to block or eliminate service, sign of a document, approve a bank loan or credit, place a purchase order, claim or order of a help desk system, etc.

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